PAR Vision

PAR Vision is a browser-based management tool that allows you to see the present and affect the future. PAR Vision displays data from any of your various PAR Excellence databases in a graphical data format that prioritizes and highlights action required.

Since this tool is browser-based, you and any number of others, may access it from any networked computer. As you will quickly see, there are three segments within PAR Vision.

Segment One – System Status Dashboard
This tool provides a dashboard that displays the current status of the PAR Excellence System and graphically displays warnings when actions are required. Drill-down functionality allows management to immediately view data related to the issues displayed on the dashboard. The PAR Vision dashboard includes status information related to equipment, caregiver procedures, caregiver compliance and Materials Management staff procedures.

Segment Two – Data Analysis, Mining and Reporting

Segment Three – Web Requisitioning

PAR Vision

System Status Dashboard

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