PAR Display

PAR Display has been our mainstay product for the last 20 years and is still the quickest and easiest method for caregivers to capture supply transactions at the point of use. PAR Excellence designed display boards come in various sizes and can display 1 to 56 patients.

The caregiver utilizes a Touch Probe to touch an iButton on the display board associated with the patient and then touches an iTag on the bin for each supply dispensed. The system allows two caregivers access simultaneously.

Information collected by the system flows to Materials Management for supply replenishment, critical alert notification, patient charging and cost accounting.

Combining PAR Display with PAR Vision provides the power to convert data into decisions. Service levels, inventory velocity, demand forecasting and PAR Level modeling are now at your fingertips.

PAR Display

Typical PAR Locations

  • Inpatient Med/Surg floors
  • OB areas
  • Skilled nursing units
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