PAR Bins

PAR Bins is the first truly automated healthcare replenishment system, engineered to remove caregivers entirely from inventory processes associated with current technologies. PAR Bins is revolutionizing the supply chain, providing nursing with the confidence to know that the right supplies will be in the right place, at the right time.

PAR Bins dramatically changes the way Materials Management Departments serve their customers. By measuring and managing PAR Location product usage in near real time, supply decisions are made proactively rather than reactively. Hours spent on reconciliation and requisition can be re-deployed to better serve your customers.

Utilizing the latest technology, PAR Bins weight-sensors automatically identify supply usage as it occurs, communicating to Materials Management for timely replenishment. Demand shifts are easily recognized and responded to, reducing service interruptions all without distracting your clinical staff from patient care.

Offering the ultimate in flexibility, PAR Bins can be paired with any other PAR Excellence products to create a customized solution within each PAR Location. This allows you to match the technology investment to the business needs of that specific PAR Location.

For those organizations that choose to track supplies to individual patients for either cost accounting or revenue purposes, PAR Bins can be integrated with PAR Express or any other of our other patient-centric products to create an unparalleled solution for detailed supply tracking and automated replenishment.

Combining PAR Vision with a PAR Bins configuration creates the most powerful and responsive supply chain processes available today. The power to collect all transactional data is effectively matched with the power to convert data into decisions. Service levels, inventory velocity, demand forecasting and economic order quantity modeling are now at your fingertips. No cumbersome reports to run, sort and dissect. Just clear answers to key questions.

PAR Bins

No scanning.
No touching.
No counting.

PAR Bins in Action

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