Custom Installation and Training
The PAR Excellence Team brings years of healthcare Materials Management experience and top information systems professionals to your installation project. This experience and knowledge allows us to customize your system to meet your hospital’s goals and objectives. In addition, we handle all of the details and make recommendations to ensure your installation is worry-free.

The following installation and training services are offered:

PAR Server: The System hardware will be completely configured and all software loaded and ready to use.

Interface Development: Interfaces will be configured to work with your ADT, Billing and Materials Management Information Systems.

Physical Arrangement of PAR Locations: PAR Excellence can, if desired, configure and arrange your PAR Locations to maximize efficiency and organization. Your database can be electronically downloaded from existing information. Scales, iTags and BarTags will be installed as desired.

Training: Expert personalized training is available to Materials and Nursing staff. PAR Excellence can train the entire staff or provide a train-the-trainer approach.

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With PAR Excellence Systems, we have electronic visibility of every room and can actually see the layout of where things are in the room.
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