A History of Driving Meaningful Change in Supply Chain Management

Since 1992, we have focused on providing supply chain solutions that are easy to use and easy to justify. We realize that the key to an effective point-of-use system is to make it quick and easy for the caregivers. For over twenty years, we have continued to develop products with the caregiver at the forefront of our design.

We offer an entire suite of supply chain management products. We understand that all hospitals and IDN’s are not alike. Individual departments have unique needs, and each hospital may have its own philosophy and priorities when addressing supply chain management. We offer solutions for hospitals of every size and products at varying levels of technological sophistication.

There is no need to install the same PC-based solution in every PAR Location. PAR Excellence Systems has developed products and solutions that allow each hospital to meet its specific supply chain requirements. Our products can be mixed and matched to provide the right product and level of sophistication to meet the hospital’s logistical, budgetary and philosophical needs.

We also provide upgrade paths to allow organizations to begin slowly and to move as desired to a fully automated solution.

The Supply Chain Begins and Ends with PAR Excellence
We are delighted. The product is excellent. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do … manage and control our inventory.
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